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Friday, 3 July 2009

Spanking Stef at Sting

Stefanal is one of the handsome Czech actors who joined the Sting Stable following their relocation to Prague, he has, so far appeared in "Three for the Gym" and "Approved Education Part 2". A number of further appearances are in the can and will be released soon

1 comment:

  1. We warmly welcome the woefully-warm-worshipfulness-waking wickedly-well-whipped welcome with wayward-wanton-workover working-in a wonderfully-whackable whippersnapper!
    This is businessend-busily-battering-businesslike two-tier spanking at its best: first the rascal must struggle to stay in position beatably-bared bad-boy-behind-excruciation-exposing position, learning a lewdness-lectured lout's lesson lasting long lustily lacerated by lava-livid-loudly-landing licks-load,
    then he goes OTK, sublimely-submissively-spankably-stripped-stern sorrily-sore-striped-super-sensitive, surely steadily sensing strict Sir's sagely-steadily scarlet-stripes-smashing smacks-succession.
    The only open question is whether, in a private posterior-painfully-pounding-punishment session, or in front of an appropriate (male-only, peers/spankers) audience, his shorts shouldn't rather go down to his ankles (which feels more naked then off),
    but(t) a well-wielded whipping-wood will make him oblivious to anything else with a few strokes, to that can just as well be done with what actually lacks: naked corner time afterward, and/or an already shorts-lowered waiting for it, possibly in line-up as fits a suitably-strict headmaster's office?!